Jaden is turning into such a fun kid. He smiles all of the time and can do a few things. He can roll both ways now. He likes reading books and can turn the pages of hard books by himself. Most recently he learned how to blow spit bubbles from copying Jon. I am amazed at what he does everyday. He makes me laugh all of the time. We recently had a scare with him. He developed a cyst on his head and our doctor didn't know what it was. We had to see a neurosurgeon and Jaden got an MRI. He did so well! He didn't even cry when they put the little IV in his hand. The Neurosurgeon said there were no serious problems. It is just fluid between his skull and skin and it will go away on its own. It is already starting to get smaller, and Jaden has never even noticed that it is there.


Krista said...

We're glad everything is fine with him and that your scare is over! Yay! Talk to you later!

Amy said...

Very excited that you joined the bandwagon. You'll get addicted just you wait. I'll be a frequent reader so update lots!

Linda said...

Hey Brooke! I didn't know you had a blog. Hope it's okay that I read it:)

I'm glad everything is fine with Jaden, and that it wasn't anything serious.