Ice Castles

While Grandma and Emerson were visiting
we were able to visit the "Ice Castles" 
These are fun icicle structures that the people
form into maze like structures. 
 There were sitting areas built into the ice

 The lights changed colors giving the entire place a magical feel
 The kids all tried to eat the icicles, but 
Kayla just wouldn't quit ;) 

  Looking up 

 Crawling though the tunnels 

The kids thought the "Dragon Eggs"
were pretty awesome.  

Visit from Grandma Misner & Cousin Emerson

 Emerson & Grandma came to visit us in February of 2013
They took a bus ride & a train to come see us.

 Dining Car of the Train
 Fun with Friends in the Church gym
 Playing with Playdough at home
 The kids always wore themselves out.
I found Emerson like this one night ;)
 Pile on uncle Jon
 "4 in a Row" Emerson was so nice to play with Kayla 
while Jaden was at preschool.
 Kayla didn't want to take naps while 
there was so much going on. One day Lyn 
and I were talking at the table and Jaden & 
Emerson went downstairs. Lyn looked over 
and noticed kayla had fallen asleep playing 
some file folder games in the middle of the floor.

 Decorating cup cakes for the treat after Family Night
 It was so fun to have them come and visit, 
They'll have to do it again!!!!!

Mall of America

We had such a fun day riding the rides,
& playing Legos, and eating at THE mall.
 Playing at Lego Land in Mall of America 2013

 Carousel with Grandma Misner

 Bumper Cars
Food Court
 Ferris Wheel

 Top & Bottom Riding the Ferris Wheel

Jaden & Emerson were tall enough to go by them selves.
They loved the "Johnny Phantom" ride. They also loved
to ride the roller coaster but we didn't get any pics. If we did
you would see some cute scared faces.

Edinburough Park

Fun at the indoor park. They have a gym,
trees, and a water feature. There's also a huge 3 
story enclosed play structure. 
Here's Emerson, Kayla, Jaden & a girl who
kept jumping into all our photos 

 Awesome little hand peddling conraptions.

 Grandma & Kayla working on their projects
 Emerson Tackling Kayla to give her a kiss
 One of the slides at the park
Cousin Emerson is such a cutie

DIY temple picture project

We got a cool poster from my brother in law Jim (Jon's Brother)
for our wedding over 8 years ago. We found it in our closet the other
day and thought it would be fun to put it up. 
So I went to Joann's to get a frame made because I 
figured with a %60 off coupon it couldn't be that bad.
I was mistaken!!!! with the discount it was still over $300.
I couldn't believe anyone would pay more than $700 normally.
So I decided to go for the good old DIY option.

 I found this picture frame on Craigslist. 
As you can see it originally hung
the opposite way of what I needed. 
A few screws took care of that problem.
 I cut off part of the poster 
( I forgot to take a pic before  i did this)
I painted the frame and did my own matting and gold trim.
It cost around $40. Not bad!!!! :) I love how it turned out.

Catch up pics

 Jaden Holding a snake at the Nature Center
 Girly girl loves my shoes and she's 
always sneaking into my closet and 
I find her like this, "taking a trip to 
the Grocery store" 

 Probably %80 of the time these two are best buds.
They get along really well and really love each other.
This pic really sums up Kayla's attitude lately. 
She's a great girl, just a ton of attitude in that little body.
Kayla is fully potty trained now ;)
She likes to take books and toys into
the bathroom with her. She play with the
lotion in the drawers and never wants me
to come in and check on her progress.

 Popcorn & a Movie with the awesome
blankets we got from Ellen & Nick for Christmas

 We have this baby gate set up for a child that I nanny.
Kayla used it to make a "zoo" with her stuffed animals.
I thought it was so clever, & notice the school bus at the bottom
of people driving by to see everything.

Super Heros!!!!!
Jaden has been wearing this thing around
every day, and randomly his buddy shows
up for a play date with a Robin Costume.
No collaborating whatsoever. So Funny.