DIY temple picture project

We got a cool poster from my brother in law Jim (Jon's Brother)
for our wedding over 8 years ago. We found it in our closet the other
day and thought it would be fun to put it up. 
So I went to Joann's to get a frame made because I 
figured with a %60 off coupon it couldn't be that bad.
I was mistaken!!!! with the discount it was still over $300.
I couldn't believe anyone would pay more than $700 normally.
So I decided to go for the good old DIY option.

 I found this picture frame on Craigslist. 
As you can see it originally hung
the opposite way of what I needed. 
A few screws took care of that problem.
 I cut off part of the poster 
( I forgot to take a pic before  i did this)
I painted the frame and did my own matting and gold trim.
It cost around $40. Not bad!!!! :) I love how it turned out.

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