Catch up pics

 Jaden Holding a snake at the Nature Center
 Girly girl loves my shoes and she's 
always sneaking into my closet and 
I find her like this, "taking a trip to 
the Grocery store" 

 Probably %80 of the time these two are best buds.
They get along really well and really love each other.
This pic really sums up Kayla's attitude lately. 
She's a great girl, just a ton of attitude in that little body.
Kayla is fully potty trained now ;)
She likes to take books and toys into
the bathroom with her. She play with the
lotion in the drawers and never wants me
to come in and check on her progress.

 Popcorn & a Movie with the awesome
blankets we got from Ellen & Nick for Christmas

 We have this baby gate set up for a child that I nanny.
Kayla used it to make a "zoo" with her stuffed animals.
I thought it was so clever, & notice the school bus at the bottom
of people driving by to see everything.

Super Heros!!!!!
Jaden has been wearing this thing around
every day, and randomly his buddy shows
up for a play date with a Robin Costume.
No collaborating whatsoever. So Funny. 

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