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My friends have all moved far far away :( not all of them, but lots) I am already bored and missing them. I hope you guys are doing well. Not much has changed since you left Pittsburgh, except the weather. It is totally summer now. Today is gorgeous. My last day of work is June 30th. Then Jaden and I are going home to Idaho for an entire month. After that two weeks with the Reids in Nebraska and Finally ending the summer with our Annual Trip to North Carolina. I bet the summer will fly by, but right now it is dragging. Tonight is the ASDA picnic. I bet everyone who moved is sooooo bumed they will miss it. (JK) It will be fun. I hope everyone is doing well! Keep us posted.

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Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You know I miss those ASDA picnics! Dirty dancing with Kevin...who can forget!