I dont want to brag or anything, but Jaden is the smartest little kid. Yessterday (Oct 2nd 2008) Jaden did his first sign. It was "more" of course. He is definately an eater and always want more food. He is getting so big, and at the childrens museum he figured out how to use the toys after I only showed him once. It is crazy, he is just growing up so fast. It was also freezing here and we had to put him in some warm pj's I thought they would be to big, but the 12 month stuff fits him at 9 months. Hes a big boy:)


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment and it was a lot longer and more enjoyable to read but my computer is being gay. Can I say that on here? Well anyway we need to get our kiddos to play together! Hopefully we'll see you at christmas! Oh and Brooke, Guess what?!? I got leggings. AHH

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

He is adorable! I wish you guys were closer so I could pinch those squish cheeks (Jaden's of course)!