Good Friends

We had an awesome weekend with our friends from Cleveland and Cali. Brett and Eryn live just a few hours away and drove over. Ben flew in from California and Stayed with us for a little over a week doing and externship at Pitt. We had tons of fun and of course the boys talked about their glory days at ISU where they "ruled the school". We went bowling at a first class establishment that included outdated themed decor, smoke filled rooms, and computer graphics from the 80's. It was great. There is always good food because we go out to eat a bunch when people are in town. We also took a trip to Mount Washington. We got a 'nearly flat tire' on the way and had to get air and go back and switch cars. Our ghetto taurus made it, but just a few days later it started fuming like it did the last time it broke down. 
Well Thanks to our friends for coming to Pittsburgh to hang out! (We wish Alex could have come :) Jaden had a wonderful time and he says he misses you guys. Hopefully we will see you guys this summer. 

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Ben and Alex Brown said...

Thanks again for taking care of Ben! He had such a wonderful time, and I wish I could have come too!! We really need to plan a fun trip this summer together!!!