Pay - Pay

We had so much fun with our family 
this summer. Our time in Idaho was
such a blast! Jaden spent most of his 
time with his cousin Payton, or as Jaden
calls him "Pay - Pay". It is pretty cute.
Payton and my sister just left Minnesota
and Jaden has been asking for Payton a lot!
It makes me sad to think they wont see each
other for such a long time. Especially since I 
felt so close to my cousins growing up. 
So we miss you guys. I just wanted to say how
much I love using the blog to keep in touch with
everyone since we are so far away.
Love the Misners

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Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Don't worry, you're on the last leg of it. I'm glad you're closer to us! We need to get together!