Thank you so Much!

Jaden was sick yesterday with a fever, and  
this morning I woke up because I pee 
like 50 times every night. When I went 
to the restroom I heard a little voice crying 
for daddy. It was barely audible. So I went
 into Jaden's room at 2:30 am he was 
gasping for breath and really
panicking. It freaked me out!
We were able to calm him down a little,
enough to give him a sippy. When I handed
 it to him he struggled with the words, 
but clearly said "Thank you so much" 

It was so cute, and sad at the same time.
I went to the pharmacy right away 
and filled a prescription for steroids, 
which was worthless. The medicine smelled 
and tasted so gross Jaden threw it up 3 times 
just because of his gag reflex. We mixed it 
with: chocolate milk, oatmeal, and a ton 
of sugar to no avail. 

We have just been hanging out this morning. 
His breathing is labored, but he is in good 
spirits, so I decided to tape his voice. 
He is just so cute. 

So the doctor prescribed me medicine for 
Jaden because she thought he might have
Croop, but he isn't coughing at all. Does that 
sound weird to anyone else. 


Holly June Christensen said...

Oh, poor Jaden! But you're right, his little raspy voice IS cute. Is there anything I can do for you or bring for you?

Stefanie said...

How sad...but soooo cute during his struggle to breathe he wanted to thank you!

shellyjean said...

I remember we were told Hailey had croup when there really wasn't any coughing. It was the really ragged Stryder breaths that they were worried about. I think that is what they were called. At least he still looks like he's happy :)

Pitcherpost said...

That's so scary! I'm glad you happened to be up. I hope he's doing better already. i love the frame you put together for your baby's room. I made similar ones for my girls room, same color blue and everything! I love that color right now.