Big Boy Bed

Jaden is getting so big!

This is how I still think of Jaden- 
as my cute little grumpy Lump

Hanging out with his cousins in a bumb0.
These are a few gems my grandma 
sent me for christmas.
They are so cute.
But my Jaden isn't a baby anymore.
He has turned into a big boy and a few nights ago
he slept in a regular twin size big boy bed.
I cant believe how old he seems. He is 3 feet tall and 
can reach new things everyday. 
It is just crazy.


Maja said...

Just wait until you bring baby home. It ages the older sibling immediately. He will seem gigantic.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

How did it go in the big boy bed? Did he stay in it?