What's in a name?

These are the baby's initials. 
We are down to two names
Kayla or Kenya
Jon's vote is for Kayla and is already
calling her that. I like Kenya, but Jon
is afraid she will get teased with such
an odd name. 
The J stands for -Jacklyn
which are Jon's parents names Jack & Lyn.
Either way, I have the initials done. 
They are covered in the cute fabric that 
inspired my nursery colors. 


Frolicking Night Owl said...

I like Kenya and I don't think it's odd at all. I think it's not as common as Kayla, but both are cute names. :)

Stefanie said...

Cute names, I wanted to vote for one but I can't decide. Way cute fabric!

Shauna said...

Very cute names, I like them both!

Jill said...

love them both, if i voted (which I just did) it would be for Kayla. I just love that name. Love the colors and initials!!

Kimberly Miller said...

Perfect initials! (Kimberly Jo Miller) he he :) I vote Kenya. Everyone has weird names these days. No one will even notice. Besides, it's not weird at all, it's cute! By the way, VERY cute letters my crafty cousin.

shellyjean said...

I love Kenya. Kids grow into their names so super fast. It took James a long time to really love Beckett (like 8 months after he was born), but now he's said that it really was the perfect name.

Pitcherpost said...

My vote is for Kayla, just because! I like it. And I love those round frames. I don't know that I've ever seen frames like that, where did you find them?

Brett said...

I do like the actual name Kenya, but the fact that it's an African country that you have zero lineage to may seem a bit odd to some. Kayla is solid...can't really go wrong. Well, there's my two cents.

Lynn and Sandy said...

I've been to Kenya and while it's a wonderful place to visit, after being there I can't picture a cute little girl being named that. It's very cool if you want to see a lion up close eating a zebra. :-)
I'll vote for Kayla.