Winter Blues

What's White and round and sick all over?
This winter I have been growing bigger and 
Getting  paler. This has been a rough winter. 
I am not a fan of winter, or being pregnant. Put 
the two together and I am not doing so well. I 
am Round, White, and still sick.
Only 14 weeks left :(
I cant wait for summer!


Anonymous said...

So...congratulations! I had no clue that you were even pregnant! It's so weird being out of the family loop and in the tunnel of school, work, and trying to get everything else done. Also, since your mom doesn't live in Poky anymore I never see her so I don't get the scoop! How are you doing? When are you coming to Idaho?

Kimberly Miller said...

I like how you said you were getting paler and your pic is in black and white so we can't tell. he he. You look so good! when i was as far along as you are someone literally said to me "you don't really look pregnant, you just kind of look fat". you on the other hand just have a cute little round tummy and everything else looks normal! way to go.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

I totally feel you...winter sucks...and for you, so does pregnancy! I would never do it again if I were you but props to ya! Just remember you're almost there!

Pitcherpost said...

oh brooke, I'm so sorry that you are feeling so bad! You are SO amazing!

Maja said...

I am so sorry Brooke! I hope you can keep on trucking and make it to spring. Maybe you need to go and buy one of those sunlight lamps and sit under it for a few hours, maybe that will help. Wish we were there to help you with Jaden!

Megan and Charlie Miller said...

Brooke I have to say you still look amazing. I hope the last weeks of winter go by quickly! I can't even imagine the crazy winter you are having. You really are a trooper.
I love the pillows you made. You make a hard situation better. Love ya!

Brianna Ritz said...

Brooke, just dropping in to leave feel better wishes! The end is in sight! From what I've learned from Jill you are a very strong woman - keep it up!!!