An Event

Playing tennis may not seem like a BIG EVENT 
but it is a huge under taking with these two.
I had to plan a few hours in advance for 
Kaylas feeding. We had to have a dvd player 
with Chair , table, snacks, and sippy for Jaden. 
Jaden needed his tennis raquet, sports ware, 
and of course Sunscreen. We had to pack extra 
undies  (just in case) and have him go potty 
right before we left. (That didnt stop him from 
needing to go 2 more times in an hour and a half) 

It was quite an undertaking, but worth it. 
My mom and I got some good practice 
in and Jaden also got a few hits.
It was quite the EVENT!


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

It is always an undertaking with monkeys around! Good for you for getting out...wish I could've been there!

Stefanie said...

I really miss playing tennis together. That is impressive that you got it to work out.

Pitcherpost said...

Seriously that is a production! I've just given up on stuff like that, I need to be more motiviated like yoU!