Cute when they're sleeping

Some day's you are so excited for your kids to go to bed.
You just need a break, then when they are asleep they
look so cute you just want to wake them up again.
Can you tell this is Kayla in
some hand-me-down PJ's?

Here's Jaden in the aftermath of our latest
storm. It was up in the 50's and the next day
we get 15 more inches of snow. so far
this is the 8th highest snowfall
for Minnesota and it feels like it
is never going to end ;(

Random pics of Kayla playing and eating


Maja said...

Great sleeping pictures. Jaden is a crazy sleeper! I am so glad that it is you in Minnesota and not me. I thought the Idaho winters were hard to take.

Kimberly Miller said...

Oh I know what you mean! I look at Brenna's little sleeping face and think "how could I ever loose my patience with you". Your kids are precious!

The Allen Family said...

I love that Jayden sleeps in his underwear! How funny is he? We miss you guys so much already. We have settle in Pleasant Grove. If you guys are ever around here you better call us!