Christmas activities

 Kayla and Jaden got cute owl hats from Ellen & Fam

 I got a kitchen off of craigslist for $10 and painted 
it these cute colors for Kayla for Christmas
 We went to a Christmas party at Jaden's preschool 
and he was so excited to have Kayla do story time with him. 

 Jaden liked showing Kayla and I around his classroom

You can kind of tell in this pic, but Jaden doesn't like 
wearing clothes. He is always in his undies and takes his 
clothes off whenever he thinks we wont notice ;)

We went to see the Lights around town
on Christmas eve, & of course Jaden was 
asleep 5 min. into the drive

We did see this one huge tree completely covered 
in 20,000 lights. You can just make out the two story 
house in the background that the tree towers over. 
Other then that we have been hanging out and enjoying 
the mild weather for our christmas in 
Minnesota. Love you all. 

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