Feliz cumpleanos Kayla

 Kayla Turns 2
Tiny Maracas in the rain ;)
One of my best cakes
(My friend Gabby helped and showed me a ton of tricks!)

 Rain is your worst fear when you plan 
your party to be outdoors.
Kayla's party turned into a flood, but the kids loved it. 

 Our Friends were such great sports!!!!!!!

 These mustaches made Kayla giggle so 
much she couldn't even get it to her face

 Everything turned out alright and it was a great day. 
Happy Birthday Kayla


Phill and Jessica said...

Brooke, that cake is absolutely incredible! Happy birthday to Kayla and thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me stay with you in Minnesota! I had a wonderful time!

The Allen Family said...

Who knew you were such a baker? That cake looks awesome! Sometimes the rain can be so much fun for kids. She sure is grown up! Was thinking about you the other day. Wish we could get together for another playdate! Miss ya.