Surprise Visit

 I thought my mom was coming for a quick visit
and my kids were so excited to 
hang out with Grandma King

Little did I know that She brought my sister and two nephews with her ;)
I was so shocked when they came out of the airport.
 It was one of the best surprises ever, and we had so much fun.
 We took the kids bowling
We spent lots of time at the beach

 The kids to go on rides at the zoo, and more rides at the Mall of America
 Brekan, Jaden, Payton, Kayla

 Everyone got to spend a little time with Jon (always working)
It was such a fun week and I will miss my Mom, 
Sister and two nephews so much.
Jaden is asking everyday when 
we can see them again. We Love you guys!!!!


Phill and Jessica said...

Ummm, you and your sister could be twins! And how cute is your mom?! You come from the cutest fam! Should've known... :-D

The Allen Family said...

When I first looked at this post and that first picture of your sister, I thought you had completely changed your hair to blonde! You guys look a lot a like! How fun to have visitors. They are the best. Jayden is looking so grown up these days, along with that adorable sister of his! Miss you guys.