"We are the Champions of the world my friend"
ok maybe not the world, but Jon's team did win the Pitt Intramural championship this year. Jaden made it to quite a few games and was his dads biggest fan. 


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

That's what happens when we leave...out with the old (guys) and in with the new! Congrats!

Julie N. said...

Hey Brooke!

I love checking out your blog every once in a while. You look like you're having tons of fun and Jaden is a cutie. Aren't they fun at this age? My parents were trying to find your mom's address and were unable to. I was wondering if you could email it to me. Thanks!

Brock and Tyra said...

Hi Misners!
My sister actually ran into your blog from one of her former players blogs...Small world! But she called me and told me your address.
Jaden is so cute! I'm glad to finally see him!
Congratulations on Jon graduating from dental school, too. (It is this year, right?) We always knew he had potential--even from his days at ISU. Hopefully some day you can make it back to the promised land of Idaho so we can see more of you.