Say Cheese

As most of you know The Misner's are moving to Minnesota. One awesome tool for people to pare down on their stuff before they load up is CRAIGSLIST. I love this tool! We have sold so many things. The point to the story is that I was trying to take pictures of the area rug Jaden is standing on so that we could sell it. As soon as Jaden heard me turn on the camera he ran over to me, looked at the camera, and said Cheese. He is such a ham, and he loves the spotlight. 


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

He is a big ol ham! I miss you guys so much! When are you leaving? For the record, I love Craigslist too; I sold a ton before we left too! Have you rented/bought a place in MN yet?

Megan and Charlie Miller said...

I love it!! He is so much fun. I hope you used that picture on CL to sell it. :)
I am going to miss you! Thanks for your friendship. You are truly a blessing.