Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State fair was a blast. 

Jaden got to be a 
"little farm hand" 
and help out with farm chores

Of course the food was awesome
I had the best corndog I have ever 
eaten in my ENTIRE LIFE. 

Here's Jaden helping 
plant and water the crops

He got to feed the animals.
He was a little nervous even
though they were fake.

He wouldn't even try milking 
the cow, so Jon had to do it.

We also saw some real animals. 
Jaden loved the goats

But the best part of all was Jaden 
driving this John Deere Tractor.
He is just getting so big. 


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

That's pretty freakin cute! Where are you though? You're supposed to be the sheep in that first pic!

Stefanie said...

Wish we could live by you and go to fairs!! I had to comment that I see you moved on from your Craig's List addiction to Garage Sales. I am the same way, I love Goodwill.