Happy Halloween

"Super Jaden to the rescue"
We actually heard this line a ton
before we knew he was going to
be superman for Halloween :)

Red hair, blue eyes, 
and a fish tail of course ;)


Johansons said...

Oh my goodness... these are two of the cutest kids I have EVER seen. Love love love the little mermaid costume. Your family is adorable!!!

Stefanie said...

cutest little mermaid and superman I've ever seen.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

She makes the perfect little mermaid!! Love both their costumes!

The Allen Family said...

I am in love with her mermaid costume! Good job Brooke! Jayden makes a pretty cute super Jayden too!:)

Kimberly Miller said...

How cute! Kids make everything more fun!