We're back. A large portion of my 
trip home seemed like a disaster. Jaden
turned into someone else and threw 
tantrums everywhere we went, plus I had a bout
of possible food poisoning, but I would 
do it again! I love going home so much. Jaden
is still such a great kid and my family took
care of me when I was sick. I already miss Idaho
but here are a few snip-its of what we did. 

We got to visit my dad out 
at the Airport Fire station

We got to hang out with the 'King 
cousins'  at Grandmas House. It is 
so much easier just to take their 
clothes off at meal time!!!!!

This is the simplist game,
but I loved it growing up.
Its still at my grandparent's
house and now Jaden & Payton 
love it too.

They tried so hard ;)

Kayla is still cute as ever and
she is such a wonderful baby!
I really hit the Jackpot. 

I took far fewer pictures than 
usual so I don't have many more 
than this. (sorry, I know the
pictures are the main reason anyone
visits my blog ;) 

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