Happy Birthday Super Jaden

Jaden turned 3 and we
had a "Superhero" Party
Jaden & his Superhero cake.
Cake decorating is much harder
than it looks! I have new respect
for 'The Cake Boss'

These pics are pretty bad,
but they're the best of the bunch :(
Hard to believe but I've even 
done quite a bit of repair work to these

There were capes for every
kid, including the 3 babies
Kayla, Felicity, & Kate

Here are the kids right before we cut the cake
I really didn't have much to choose from!
Hence the tongue sticking out, and one of 
Jaden's buddies (Hallie) not pictured.

P.S. If anyone knows why 
I get neon ghost images, even when
people are holding still let me 
know. It is really frustrating


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Aww! What a big boy! I love the capes! Good job Brooke!

Stefanie said...

You have turned into such a crafty creative lady!! Wish we were closer so you could share your wisdom.