It started while I was playing a game at the dinning room table with my mom, Cory, & Brock who were visiting us on their vacation. Jon had gone to bed about half an hour earlier. It was a Wednesday so he had been in a long surgery without being able to eat or drink and he was extremely tired.
Jon came out of the room bent over in pain telling me we needed to go to the emergency room, because he thought he had a kidney stone. We got in the car and rushed there.

I dropped Jon off at the Emergency entrance to check in while I parked the car.
It only took a few minutes to park but when I got inside I couldn’t find Jon. He had been taken straight back triage for a possible kidney stone, there he threw up all over a nurse so he was taken to his room. In his room he was hooked up to an IV, but he was still in considerable pain. The nurse told us it could take up to 15 minutes for the morphine to have an effect and he told us to call if we needed anything. He left and Jon was not getting any better, but it had only been 5 minutes. I told him it could take a few more minutes to work but he insisted I call for the nurse.

Jon told the nurse the morphine wasn’t touching the pain and he was really struggling. So the nurse gave him one miligram of Dilaudid. The nurse said that this should work a lot better, and Jon could feel the difference. Jon said he felt sleepy and the nurse said it would be perfectly fine for him to fall asleep if he could.

The nurse left and Jon said he was feeling a little better so I should call my mom and tell my family that he was doing better. I got off the phone and I was talking to Jon. His eyes were droopy, and when he didn’t respond to my question I thought it was odd, but he had simply fallen asleep. I walked over to see if he was asleep. I said Jon, Jon a few times because his eyes were the tiniest bit open. He didn’t respond so I watched him for a minute or so at his side. Then I noticed his lips were slightly bluish and I thought that couldn’t be right so I looked at the monitor and there was a red flashing light. There was no noise so I didn’t know what it meant. I said his name Jon, a lot louder, almost yelling a few times and he didn’t respond. I started to panic, but his arm started to rise and I thought he was gesturing to me, but suddenly his arm fell toward his chest and he started having seizure like shakes.

I yelled for help and no one came so I ran and pulled back the curtain to our room and screamed form someone to come help me. A nurse ran and checked on Jon, she yelled for a doctor and suddenly our tiny room flooded with eight or so people. They couldn’t get him to respond and I was freaking out sobbing so they yelled at me to get out of the room. A nurse escorted me out, but it was just an alcove type room so I was standing right outside and the curtain was open. They brought in a bunch of carts with things on them and were giving Jon a “sternal rub” and they got him to wake up. Everything was over in a minute but it seemed like forever.

When it was over they explained that Jon had gone apnic and had an adverse reaction to the Dilaudid. Later Jon explained that sometimes the nurses turn off the sound to the alarm because it beeps every time the little monitor hooked on your finger falls of and it is annoying.

I calmed down a little but even in his doped up state Jon could see I was up set and crying. He kept giving me adamant thumbs up and he was being so goofy it was mildly humorous. The doctor assured me they were monitoring him and he was safe. I was still nervous and didn’t take my eyes off of him.
They did a scan on Jon and confirmed the kidney stone. Jon was pain free and breathing so we were sent home with a couple prescriptions.

It was all over within a few hours, but it seemed very long and it was a rough experience. Jon jokes that I really blew it calling those nurses and I would have been set for life if the hospital accidentally killed him. I guess we got a good story out of it, and in the end I am thankful for everything modern medicine can do for us, and especially my FAMILY. We are so blessed everyone is healthy, & happy.


Jill said...

Holy cow! Scary! Glad he's okay

The Allen Family said...

So glad that he is okay! Those are so painful and that is so scary. Hope he is feeling better now.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

oh my goodness! SO scary!!

Stefanie said...

That is crazy and horrible to go through! It was good to see you guys, and I hope Jon got some time off from residency for your ordeal!

Kimberly Miller said...

That is terrifying! I cannot believe that happened to you guys! I am just so glad he is ok!!!! You did good Brooke!

Megan and Charlie Miller said...

Um can i just say that you handled it much better than I would have!!! Crap that is Crazy! I am soooo glad that he is alright and that you are all doing okay! Take care!!!

Christine said...

Oh my gosh Brooke! That is so crazy!SO glad he is ok, good thing you were there, that is so scary!

Shauna said...

How scary!!! Happy to hear he is doing better.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Holy crap Brooke! Are you kidding me?! I'm so sorry!! Glad he's ok! Did you discuss that stones are supposed to be worse than labor? ;) I had some right after Fischer was born...NOT fun! Miss you guys! We need to meet in the middle sometime!!!