Art project

 I got this frame on Craigslist for $5!!!!!!! I was so excited.
It is 3 ft. x 5 ft.   P.S.  I didn't ruin a painting it was just a poster.
 This house was not built to code! I used a stud 
finder to no avail, then I methodically nailed holes
in the wall every half inch for 22 inches and found 
nothing ;(
 Eventually I found a stud outside my target range 
by hammering in frustration at random spots in the wall
I framed a piece of fabric I got from Joann's. 
It was a remnant so it was a great deal.
The whole project cost me less then $20. 
It might be a little tacky to put the prices in here, 
but It was such a good deal I couldn't resist ;)

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Kimberly Miller said...

I love it! Thrifty and creative!