Minnesota State Fair

Top left: Jon & Jaden by the red squiggle

 Here we are eating a bucket of 
Martha's cookies
while Kayla is sleeping. 

 Little Farm hands: The kids do work 
on a farm to earn money and buy 
something at the general store.
It was such a cute concept, 
& it was FREE!!!!

John Deere Tractors

This week we also had a special visit from grandma
 who was traveling across the country doing a 
genealogy research trip. She stayed with us for a few
 days and we had a blast. Kayla loved all the attention.


The Allen Family said...

I was really sad that we werent there for the state fair. I had a dream last night that you guys and the trendlers came to visit. When I woke up I felt sad that it was just a dream. We miss you guys! If you are ever anywhere near here you better call us!

Kimberly Miller said...

How fun! You guys sure know how to party out there. Your kids are getting so big so fast!